About me

Hey, my name is Caleb.

I first wrote this page in the third-person. I thought it would sound cool and professional. 

But I realized I wanted to stick with my life value of authenticity. So let me tell you a bit about myself as myself. 

I'm a songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Austin, Tx.  I have two kids and they're the best things in my life. 

Right now, I'm in the middle of an ongoing project, PHENOMENA, where I'm releasing one song at a time in order to focus on the quality of each song. This is happening throughout 2020 and probably into 2021. 

In 2019, I released a two-part album called Where Color Survives. It was a look into the spiritual crisis I faced in my late-20s after growing up in the Evangelical Christian world. Part one is about my spiritual deconstruction; part two, my spiritual reconstruction. 

I started releasing music in 2009, which now includes a bunch of albums, EPs, and singles.

I record all my music from home and I always have. Basements, bedrooms, garages, and now a walk-in closet. 

I like it that way. I'm an introvert so I like to be in my own space when creating. 

It's really cool to see my music resonating with people. Here are some nice things folks have said about my music:

The harmonies on [Not Gone] are absolutely stunning. FULL STOP. ...This is one of the most intriguing folk tunes I’ve heard in all of 2020. I hope the complexity of this piece of music is not lost on listeners; it’s really something special.”

Ear To The Ground

The chorus harmonies are the real standout of [Not Gone]. They sound huge and warm, a high production contrast to the crackling rawness of Caleb’s lead vocal.”

— Musician On A Mission

Authentic. Open. Honest... Everybody Breaks tears his last barriers to vulnerability down and forges them into the most personal album of his career thus far.”

Pop Of Colour

...He's definitely got talent that's beyond his years. ”


I'm also a writer (I have a degree in journalism, not that it really matters anymore).

I write stuff for my blog on occasion, and I also started Musician With A Day Job, a blog that helps part-time musicians reach their success. 

I love helping my fellow musicians. That's why I started MWADJ and why I've written for places like CD Baby, Bandzoogle, Sonicbids, and many others.    

In my spare time, I hang out with my kids, chill with friends, eat good food, read books, binge YouTube, and shoot hoops. 

A few more things you may want to know about me: