Caleb J. Murphy is a songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Austin, Tx.  

With his ongoing 2020 project, PHENOMENA, he'll be releasing one song at a time in order to focus on the quality of each song.

His two-part album, Where Color Survives (2019), is a look into the spiritual crisis he faced during his late-20s after growing up in the Evangelical Christian world. Part one is about his spiritual deconstruction; part two, his spiritual reconstruction.

He started releasing music in 2009, which now includes three albums, five EPs, and a bunch of singles. His music has been played alongside U2 and Kings Of Leon on the radio, he’s played hundreds of shows, written way more songs than are public, and he’s done it all from various home studios across the country. 

As a writer, he’s helped thousands of part-time musicians through his blog Musician With A Day Job. He’s also written for some of the biggest music advice websites, like CD Baby, Bandzoogle, Sonicbids, and many others.   

In his spare time, Caleb likes hanging out with his two kids, chilling with friends, reading books, bingeing YouTube, and shooting hoops.

He also makes chill beat music under the moniker The Forgotten Brother.

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