About me

I not want Rolling Stones. I want K-bob [Caleb].”

— My toddler niece choosing my music over the Rolling Stones

Hey, my name is Caleb.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from Middle Child Syndrome. It’s in remission now, but it flares up every now and then. 

Because of this, kid Caleb spent hours in his room by himself learning how to play Jack Johnson songs on his mom’s 1980s Yamaha guitar. After a few years, little me got the hang of the guitar and wrote his first song at age 15. But he was too self-conscious to share it with anyone and was being all secretive and weird about it. It wasn’t until a year later that he croaked out one of his songs to the open ears of his brother. 

Ever since that first song, awkward, pimple-faced Caleb was hooked on songwriting. 

Okay, less-awkward, aging-faced Caleb is going to stop writing in the third person now. 

I’m eternally grateful to the craft of songwriting because it’s given me an outlet to make myself heard, something an introverted Middle Child often has trouble with. 

Music has helped me come out of my shell. It shows me things about myself I wouldn't have otherwise learned. And it allows me to say things that are difficult to say in normal conversation.

It’s helped me work through difficult life stuff. Like processing the doubts and questions I had about my childhood religion, losing loved ones, and the overall complexity of life.

But the coolest thing of all is, music has connected me with friends and strangers in the way only music can. 

In the beginning, I would record some shy demos in my bedroom, burn them to CDs, and share those CDs with friends and family. When I finally started releasing music publicly in 2009, I kind of expected someone to “discover” me. I would release an album or EP, play a handful of local shows, pray to God a manager would find me, then do it all over again when that didn’t happen. 

I’ve since learned that "being a musician" is about building a community. A group of people who resonate with the sounds and themes of my songs. And building a community is kind of like building an actual building. One thing at a time: one brick, one piece of dry wall, one tile. It's a slow but gradual process, a process I couldn't do without the people who stream/download my music, buy my merch, and send me random donations.

So that's what I'm doing. Building something special. So I plan to stick around for a while.

Right now, I have a batch of new songs I’m recording and releasing one at a time. Come along for the ride! How, you ask? The best way is to subscribe to my email list (below). I'll deliver new music right to your inbox (no spam, I promise)...


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