An ongoing project that unfolded one song at a time from February 2020 to May 2021

The harmonies on [Not Gone] are absolutely stunning. FULL STOP. ...This is one of the most intriguing folk tunes I’ve heard in all of 2020. I hope the complexity of this piece of music is not lost on listeners; it’s really something special.”

Ear To The Ground

Original cover art by Jan Murphy

Why is it called PHENOMENA?

These songs were saved on my computer in a folder called "truths of life." And that's what this project is about. 

These songs address stuff that every human can relate to or has experienced. 





Needing others. 

Things like that. 

If each of these songs is a molecule, the whole project is life. And life, I've been learning, is a phenomenon. 

A phenomenon is defined as "a rare or significant fact or event" or something that's "known through the senses rather than by thought or intuition." 

It's amazing and strange and difficult and wonderful to be alive. 

We're here, hurling through space on a flying rock ball, orbiting a giant flaming star that never goes out but only gets bigger. 

That's crazy. But that's life. 

We're a part of life, we are life, and we are phenomena.