The Aching Hearts Club

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That's what I call my mailing list. It's a gathering place for people who like the bittersweet folk music I make. If you're a fan, come on in.

I appreciate you visiting my website, let alone this page. This is where you can learn how to support an independent artist who's providing for two kids with his songs :)

I want us to be able to talk directly with each other, but social media algorithms make that kind of uncertain. So that's where an email list comes in. This is not about me spamming you with emails (that's annoying). This is about us being able to talk to each other.

So if you subscribe, you'll get an email every time I release new music, I'll hit you up if I'm playing a show in your area, and I've been known to give out gift cards for coffee (really). And I respond to every email.

Thanks for being here and thanks for listening!