From the recording Where Color Survives

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Inside My World

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Written, produced, and performed by Caleb J. Murphy
Mixing consultant: John Behrens


Wake up on Sunday morn
Quick comb through my hair
Preacher says listen up
But I just sit and stare

I don't know what I think
Don't know what I believe
God changes costumes
Each day of the week

Questions have existence
Cause all we got are clues
I'm right here right now, tell me - is that proof?

I do not know it all
As you can probably tell
Heaven ain't no cartoon
But I'm not so sure ‘bout hell

One thing I can't get past
Is why I'm still alive
What keeps my heart on beat
Who gives that beat a drive

Maybe when the lightning
Cracks across the sky
Someone's trying to break into my small world
Someone's trying to love up inside my world