From the recording Where Color Survives

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Written, produced, and performed by Caleb J. Murphy
Mixing consultant: John Behrens


We sat eye-to-eye talking
Then you posed me a big thought
“Why’d this happen to me, man?”
Teardrops rolling down, weary
I said “Man that is a question
With another Question there
People label it ‘random’
When they cannot explain it

‘Why’ might be the wrong question
Let's ask ‘what now?’

You don't have to know
You don't have to know why
You don't have to go
Very far to find what you are looking for
Don't lose yourself
As you look for answers, friend
You don't have to know
You don't have to know why

So here is what I believe in:
Questions help you in seeing
If that's true, then you know what
We can have 20/20 doubt
Do you wanna know the answers?
Or can you be okay left out?
Where's the heart of Existence?
I know where: grenzbegrifflich