1. Probably Wrong

From the recording Where Color Survives

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Probably Wrong

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Written, produced, and performed by Caleb J. Murphy
Mixing consultant: John Behrens


He's getting dressed in his Sunday best
But he don't see it's a lie
He buttons up and tells himself
The truth is in his eyes
Says he's gospel for the lost but he lost himself instead
He's getting dressed in his Sunday face
But he ain't no Jesus Christ

He might be right
But he's probably wrong

She holds a Bible in her right
And a hammer in her left
She can easily justify
The fort that she erects
Anyone can enter in but only if they’re in the club
She holds the Bible in her heart
But her heart's running out of room

She might be right
But she's probably wrong

I hold myself up to the clouds
And I think they measure up
My opinions matter more than listening in love
The good Lord gave me a pair of ears
But I use one at a time
I hold myself up to the clouds and think I measure up

I might be right
But I’m probably wrong