1. Sit Beside Me

From the recording Where Color Survives

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Sit Beside Me

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Written, produced, and performed by Caleb J. Murphy
Mixing consultant: John Behrens


Believe me when I say
Things are going wrong
The weather's always rain
I hate my favorite songs
I forget to drink
I don't have time to eat
Should I see a shrink
Or should you come see me

Come sit beside me
Sit beside me

In a crowded room
I'm never more alone
In a busy life
All I want is home
Love can be defined
By a simple thing
Just pull up a chair
And don't say a thing

I got a seat if you want it
Cause all I need is to be wanted
No I don't ask to be applauded
Just every now and then thought of

That old memory
is a killer yet
We do not refrain
to fill her up
I remember when
everything was fine
I remember when
You were by my side