1. keep me high

From the recording what has weathered me

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keep me high

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written, produced and mixed by caleb j. murphy
backing vocals by mark warren
cellos by ben ko
mastered by john behrens


how have you been, my oldest friend?
we haven’t talked since i don’t know when
i’m looking rugged, see that i’ve been through a lot
cracks in my face prove I’ve fought

what has weathered me
is my own damn storm
yearning to be free
numb beneath the swarm
so i’ll keep me high
or at least i’ll try

keep me high

what i’ve been taught, it’s gotta be false
that i’m insignificant, maybe forgotten
i’m doing better than i’ve ever done before
still i cannot shake my core

i’ve had enough of it
living someone else’s life
i’ve been building up
everybody else’s but mine