From the recording what has weathered me

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the weight of my dreams

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written, produced and mixed by caleb j. murphy
backing vocals by mark warren
trumpets by wyatt corder
mastered by john behrens


i find it to be very strange
how high a man can get
despite the low he knows will come
yet he still makes his bet

sometimes you get it all at once
sometimes it falls apart
sometimes you’d really show me your love
and i knew you’d break my heart

i can’t carry what i want
but i can’t let it go
it’s a heavy load for me
but that’s just the weight of my dreams

some days i wake up with you here
just floating 'round my head
some days i can’t remember your name
hope is a mistress in bed

the more i keep on going
the taller i am growing
the heavier it gets
the stronger my chest

thanks to the weight of my dreams