1. burnt my bible

From the recording what has weathered me

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burnt my bible

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written, produced and mixed by caleb j. murphy
backing vocals by mark warren
lap steel guitar by bob hoffnar
mastered by john behrens


i can hear
how the neighbors fight
she is dropping tears
he walks out at night

pretty soon
they’re in love again
she can’t help but swoon
he’s there till the end

they hold on
to what they were taught
cause when your momma says so
well she can’t be wrong

but i have felt a love that’s meant to last die
and i have seen the lord get off the cross and fly

so tell me what went wrong
how is peter pan an old man?
where’s the magic gone?
it’s all feeling like a cold scam
what is going on?
yeah i think i was lied to then
but i’ve not burnt my bible yet

now i find
myself in that place
stuck with child eyes
and an adult face

love and god
always felt so true
how could they be flawed,
flawed like me and you?

i’ve held on
to what i was taught
because my momma said so
and she can’t be wrong

now i know i was lied to then
but i can’t burn my bible just yet
not yet