From the recording what has weathered me

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things don't have to change

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written, produced and mixed by caleb j. murphy
backing vocals by mark warren
mastered by john behrens


maybe if i just don't feel, it will go away
maybe i can just avoid the hazards of the day
if i sink and latch onto the bottom of the sea
i bet i could bypass this and you would stay with me

things don't have to change
we can stay this way
maybe this can be forever
things don't have to change

maybe if we just stay put, everything remains
i sure like the view from here underneath the pain
maybe we don't have to pack our bags, stay and lock the door
i sure like this bed i'm on, and it can fit one more

if life don't change
then why do we?
if we’re immortal
then are we free?

things might have to change
can we keep this pace?
maybe this won't be forever
things might have to change