1. okay

From the recording what has weathered me

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written, produced and mixed by caleb j. murphy
backing vocals by mark warren
mastered by john behrens


looking back i
hear all the things you said
you would ask me
if we’d make it out okay
well we did in a kind of way

i haven’t seen you
that much these past few months
it’s not easy
sometimes you work for love
sometimes that’s not quite enough

you don’t want this anymore
that’s fine sure okay
i won’t show up at your door
like every other day
you know i hate it
but okay

took me a minute
to get what’s going on
give me a minute
if this is it, i’ll say so long
but nothing about this was at all wrong

you know i hate it
oh i hate it so
but if you insist
then okay

i'll be okay