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Wonder Of It All

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“The Highest to which people can attain is wonder; and if the prime phenomenon makes them wonder, let them be content; nothing higher can it give them, and nothing further should they seek for behind it; there is the limit.” - Alan Watts

Written, produced, and mixed by Caleb J. Murphy
Guitars, vocals, piano, bass, and drum programming by Murphy
Cellos composed by Murphy, performed by Ben Ko
Mastered by John Behrens
Cover art by Jan Murphy


How we grow! Not a one of us knows why
There we go! Yet we never reach the sky
Limbs extend and our bodies stretch beneath
Reaching up for a thing we cannot see

Arms and legs they will tangle if too close
Roots connect underneath whatever shows

Let me see
The wonder of it all
Let me feel
My heartwood burst and call
Let me breathe
Till the air is all but gone
Let me see
The wonder of it all

Men will come just to cut down what we have
Break our trunks and they'll take what they can grab
Then we'll fall with a loud resounding crash
Soon become all the dirt that gave us back

Now we give to the ones grown after us
So we live in a wondrous sort of way