From the recording Sleeperland

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The Hands I Got

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Written, produced, and mixed by Caleb J. Murphy
Mastered by John Behrens


My neighbor gives me alcohol
Like bottles of wine
We’ll share a drink or two
Talk about our lives
He puts out his cigarette
Looks off and smiles
Says “the day is so tiresome
So i sleep well at night”

he said “I raised my kids even though they weren’t my blood
I have played my hand with the hands I got

The lady who lives upstairs
leaves her door cracked
welcomes the small parade
Of 2 or 3 stray cats
And she smokes the pain away
hides from herself
But I see it in her eyes
She’s been through many hells

She said “I moved around a lot
Can’t wait till I go home
Cause I’ve wrung enough with the hands I got

Sometimes I disappear
Cause it’s all just too much
The crowds and open space
The indifference and love
then the teapot will scream at me
And I’ll harmonize along
Welcome the early day
Hope I don’t get it wrong

Because I swore to myself
That my kids won’t be me
So I’ll hold their hands with the hands I got

I will play my hand with the hands I got here