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Home Goes With You

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Written, produced, and mixed by Caleb J. Murphy
Clarinets performed by Dima Faustov
Cellos performed by Ben Ko
Mastered by John Behrens


Sometimes at night I sit alone
Turn out the lights, put away my phone
And I swear I hear you breathing deep
Do you do that too or is that just me?

If I can’t be where you reside
Then I claim where you stand as mine
Cause I find my home goes with you

I fear you’ll drift if I don’t hold tight
I got it in my head that somehow you’re mine
Shall I use my palm and try to drink the sea?
Even if I could, it would never be

I'm splintered and broken
I'm split right in two
I’ll pick up the pieces
And build it with you
If only in my mind

Cause I find my home goes with you