From the recording Sleeperland

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Bless These Heavy Arms

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Written, produced, and mixed by Caleb J. Murphy
Backing vocals by Emily Versace
Backing vocals engineered by Dom Versace
Mastered by John Behrens


When my eyes open
Awash in light from
Another morning alive
I wanna hear you laugh
I wanna hear you cry
Just wanna hear you use your lungs
Call it god, call it happenstance, a second chance
But I can’t lose you
I can’t lose you
I can’t lose you again

Oh bless these heavy arms
For they must lift this heart

When I close my eyes
I can see your life
Tiny ember set ablaze
You’re still laughing and
You’re still crying and
You still breathe another day
Call it luck, call it fortunate, a barely miss
But I can’t let you
I can’t let you
I can’t let you go

Oh bless your sturdy heart
It surely lifts these arms