1. Sleeperland

From the recording Sleeperland

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Written, produced, and mixed by Caleb J. Murphy
Mastered by John Behrens


Oh I come to
Hands on the wheel of my '13 Ford
It's me and you
I'm zoning out and you're acting bored
I don't remember
The last hour, the last years, did I hurt you bad?
You grab my hand:
"Did you get lost down in sleeperland?"

I lied to you
When I swore I was listening
But here's the truth
I was afloat in my daydreaming
I'm alone there
in my comfort, no adventure can startle me
You say, "understand
Dreams are but dreams down in sleeperland"

You had to break the news:
"Life won't stand in line for you
Time is dripping through the stars
now you gotta wake up"

You gotta wake up
Please wake me up from this sleeperland