Just Being Honest

Do I need to sleep you off? 
Like a shot of bronze 
Am I living in a dream 
That I'll soon regret? 

Do you whistle while we work? 
While we break our backs 
When you made us in your eyes 
Did you drain your heart? 

Open the door for me and mine 
Open the door for me and mine 
Seems like you're gone 
Say that I'm wrong 

I’m just being honest 

My son's living as a ghost 
My soul, face defeat 
My friends say I'm going mad 
My Lord takes a seat 

Just be honest with me now 

Bumped My Head

I forgot how to talk to you 
I got a word yet my lips don’t move 
I know we spoke just the other night 
Your new look doesn't fit your vibe 
We used to have good times didn’t we 
We used to have good times didn’t we 

I musta gone and bumped my head 
Cause I don't know you anymore 
forgot what you said 
Or if you spoke at all 
oh I know I should know your face 
But all trace of you has been erased 
I musta bumped my head 

When I talk does it move the world? 
Can I make you do things you won't? 
Does your molecular structure change? 
Will you listen if I say your name? 
Once upon a time, very dearest friend of mine 
Once upon a time, very dearest friend of mine

Sit Beside Me

Believe me when I say 
Things are going wrong 
The weather's always rain 
I hate my favorite songs 
I forget to drink 
I don't have time to eat 
Should I see a shrink 
Or should you come see me 

Come sit beside me 
Sit beside me 

In a crowded room 
I'm never more alone 
In a busy life 
All I want is home 
Love can be defined 
By a simple thing 
Just pull up a chair 
And don't say a thing 

I got a seat if you want it 
Cause all I need is to be wanted 
No I don't ask to be applauded 
Just every now and then thought of 

That old memory 
is a killer yet 
We do not refrain 
to fill her up 
I remember when 
everything was fine 
I remember when 
You were by my side

Fight Fair

I heard you had a baby 
Life won't let him be a man 
Why don't people understand? 
Isn't it confusing 
That making new life is a chance 
Birth is a lottery 

Life don't fight fair 
When you're down for the count 
It punches you out 
Life don't fight fair 
When one person thrives 
Another survives 
Life don't fight fair 

Words are what we live on 
But now that fate is stealing yours 
You can't catch a single breath 
Pretty soon you'll realize 
As life becomes more beautiful 
The uglier it gets 

Life don't fight fair 
So I won't fight fair

Upside Down

When he was a child 
He couldn't wear 
His hat to church 

All the girls would dress 
With checklists and 
Approving dads 

He took it all in 
He didn't know why 
Kids don't think solo 
They think in packs 

Now he wears his hat 
And he don't believe 
God wants to brawl 

His whole world is flipping over 
Flipping, flipping till he's seasick 
And he's so sick of being upside down 
Yeah he's flipping upside down 

When the apple climbed 
Back up the tree 
And hung itself 

That is when my world 
Began to tip 
Began to flip 

All I was sure of 
Fell to the ceiling 
All I grew up on 
Left with a bluster 

But one thing remained: 
The story will begin again 

My whole world is flipping over 
Flipping, flipping till I'm seasick 
And I'm so sick of being upside down 
Yeah I'm flipping upside down


Can there be peace on earth for just a minute? 
Can I just get a breath so I can finish? 
Every time I sit down I get up again 
Every time I laugh I feel a cry coming 
Can we please hit the pause for just a second? 

Oh can we please rewind? 

Do you remember when we loved the summer? 
Do you remember sounds of autumn singing? 
But we have been dropping like the flies we are 
Yes we have been falling like the men we are 
Do you recall we used to know a thing or two?

No Man's Land

I like living on the fence 
It's much prettier up here 
From this view you can see 
All the grass is the same 
Try to knock me over, you're coming out a loser 
I like living on the fence 
It's much prettier up here 

I'm home 

I am in no man's land 
I am in no man's land 
I am nowhere and everywhere at the same time 
I am in no man's land 

Cause the world is a black and white 
Mess of a thing 
I'm okay with the grey 
I'm okay in between 
God has got a palette 
Why would we not have one too? 
I'm okay with the grey 
That's where color survives

Probably Wrong

He's getting dressed in his Sunday best 
But he don't see it's a lie 
He buttons up and tells himself 
The truth is in his eyes 
Says he's gospel for the lost but he lost himself instead 
He's getting dressed in his Sunday face 
But he ain't no Jesus Christ 

He might be right 
But he's probably wrong 

She holds a Bible in her right 
And a hammer in her left 
She can easily justify 
The fort that she erects 
Anyone can enter in but only if they’re in the club 
She holds the Bible in her heart 
But her heart's running out of room 

She might be right 
But she's probably wrong 

I hold myself up to the clouds 
And I think they measure up 
My opinions matter more than listening in love 
The good Lord gave me a pair of ears 
But I use one at a time 
I hold myself up to the clouds and think I measure up 

I might be right 
But I’m probably wrong


Our Father who art in heaven 
Honor be to thy name 
My kingdom come, my will be done 
My world needs a little help 

Give us today the things we need 
And maybe a little more 
Forgive their sins, and fix our lives 
And don't let our neighbors hurt us 

In Jesus' name, abracadabra


We sat eye-to-eye talking 
Then you posed me a big thought 
“Why’d this happen to me, man?” 
Teardrops rolling down, weary 
I said “Man that is a question 
With another Question there 
People label it ‘random’ 
When they cannot explain it 

‘Why’ might be the wrong question 
Let's ask ‘what now?’ 

You don't have to know 
You don't have to know why 
You don't have to go 
Very far to find what you are looking for 
Don't lose yourself 
As you look for answers, friend 
You don't have to know 
You don't have to know why 

So here is what I believe in: 
Questions help you in seeing 
If that's true, then you know what 
We can have 20/20 doubt 
Do you wanna know the answers? 
Or can you be okay left out? 
Where's the heart of Existence? 
I know where: grenzbegrifflich

The Hour God Lost Belief

Some call me a doubter, some call me a saint 
Put my finger through the hands to praise the name 
I get such a bad wrap, like a middle child 
My name became an insult, disciple turned defiled 

When I watched my whole world scream in agony 
faith was redefined as lost religion freed 
but let me tell you something, don't paint me a foe 
Jesus was the biggest doubter ever known 

And the truest faith to me 
Is in the hour God lost belief 
Now I am caught right here 
Caught right in the middle 
Right in the middle of thieves 
Now I am caught right here 
Caught right in the middle 
Save me, Uncertainty 

Everyone believes they're right, including me 
Everybody's Savior is tame and loves their creed 
But maybe no one knows the Holy Question Mark 
Maybe no one knows we've all just got it wrong


If you can hear my voice 
Then you know life don't give 
Don't give me any choice 
Don't give me guarantees 
But without guarantees 
I start to not want a thing 
That's when I get it all 
The Divine thrown right in 

Sorry if that sounds vague 
Or maybe it's heresy 
But I have no other way 
To make sense of what I see 
All that I hope and pray 
With my uncertainty 
Is that you'll remember us 
That you'll remember me 

Am I empty, eager for a drink? 
Or am I drunk on a god? 

Take me with all my wondering 
Take me at my unease 
Take me even though I don’t take you some days 
Take me at my unease 

Yes I believe in God 
And in the afterlife 
But only on Sunday morning 
Or when I'm feeling good 
What I am trying to say 
Is I choose to look for Life 
In the right now today 
With my agnostic mind 

PRE 2 
I know that's a lot of doubt 
Somebody please help me out 

Take me with all my wondering 
Take me at my unease 
Take me even though I don’t take you some days 

Can we pretend that you love me 
Can we pretend that you care 
Cause I want someone who’s alive out there for sure 
Take me at my unease

Inside My World

Wake up on Sunday morn 
Quick comb through my hair 
Preacher says listen up 
But I just sit and stare 

I don't know what I think 
Don't know what I believe 
God changes costumes 
Each day of the week 

Questions have existence 
Cause all we got are clues 
I'm right here right now, tell me - is that proof? 

I do not know it all 
As you can probably tell 
Heaven ain't no cartoon 
But I'm not so sure ‘bout hell 

One thing I can't get past 
Is why I'm still alive 
What keeps my heart on beat 
Who gives that beat a drive 

Maybe when the lightning 
Cracks across the sky 
Someone's trying to break into my small world 
Someone's trying to love up inside my world