Music In My Earholes

Radical Face
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This installment of Music In My Earholes features folk, beats, hip-hop, and more folk. So hop on board the music-go-round — we’re about to get started.

Radical Face

RF is sort of like a folk percussionist combined with Bon Iver without the constant falsetto — lots of claps, great songwriting.


This mysterious beatmaker with a stage name makes dance music that isn’t stressful (like most beat music I’ve heard). This is perfect work music because it keeps you alert but cool-headed.

Tom Rosenthal says about this folk singer-songwriter, “His work blurs the line between nostalgia and longing, between the future and the past, and takes us into the space between things.”



From the first second  I heard “That’s Love,” I was hooked on that hook. That classic organ sound just works.

Here’s why life is not a journey

life is not a journey
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Life is like a box of chocolates. It’s for the enjoyment, amirite?

According to philosopher Alan Watts, life is not a rat race, but more like a song.

“Music, as an art form, is essentially playful,” he says. “We say, ‘You play the piano,’ you don’t work the piano.'”

The point of a playing song is not to finish first, but just to play it and enjoy it.

“The whole point of the dancing is the dance.”

Here’s a pretty cool video that David Lindberg put together featuring Watts’ lecture where he said these things.