About The Album

"Authentic. Open. Honest... Everybody Breaks tears his last barriers to vulnerability down and forges them into the most personal album of his career thus far."

- Pop Of Colour

I’m scared to release this album. 

Not because I’m worried what people will think of it -- I actually couldn’t care less. I’m completely happy with it and I’m not looking for anyone’s validation. 

No, I’m scared because it’s the most personal album I’ve ever made. 

Let me explain why… 

I started recording this album April of 2017 where I lived in Western Pennsylvania. 

In July of that year, my wife and I adopted a baby boy from Texas. And about a week after we adopted him, he had a stroke. 

That was the beginning of a whirlwind. 

And it was the start of me learning a lesson: everybody breaks, so nobody can live alone. 

We needed the people who showed up at the hospital. We needed our friends who let us stay at their house for a month. We needed the people who cooked food for us when we got home. 

We couldn’t live alone. 

In the following days, family and friends helped us out in too many ways to count. 

And then in March of 2018, we moved to Austin, Tx., a place where we had literally two friends and zero family. If you’ve ever moved, you know how stressful it can be, especially moving to a different state. 

But almost immediately after we arrived, we got connected with a community that was reckless in the way they cared for us. Right when we needed it. 

All this to say, this album hits home for me. 

It was like life said to me, “Oh, you want to record an album about how everybody breaks and nobody can live alone? Alright, let’s see you live that out.” 

And I did. I still am. And now I’m 100% behind this album. The message, the songs, all of it. 

It’s a different and personal and weird and fun and sad album. And it means so much to me. 

This album is basically my life over the past couple years. And that openness makes it a little scary to release. 

But I think this message of community and relationships is one that everyone -- especially me -- needs to hear. It’s a reality we should all accept. 

Because everybody breaks. And nobody can live alone.

On August 16, Everybody Breaks will be available on literally every streaming platform you can think of.

- Caleb