Book review: Unbroken

This is the most detailed non-fiction book I’ve ever read, even down to every moment before Louis Zamperini’s plane crashed. Hillenbrand covers what each member of the flight crew was thinking and feeling right before the plane hit the water. The details make this a thick book and such a pulling read, like a vacuum.


Here are the highlights:

  • Olympic runner joins the Air Force as a bomber
  • His plane crashes, he and two other crew members survive and float on a raft for a long time
  • Captivity as a POW, emotional and physical turmoil, and being pushed to the edge of what his body can take (thanks to The Bird)
  • Redemption (best part of the book)

Along the way, Hillenbrand is invisible, as she should be, but is still able to inject humor where it’s needed.


I couldn’t read through this book fast enough, so I had to switch to the audiobook version. I also plan to watch the movie (which Coldplay wrote a mediocre song for).

Bravo, Hillenbrand. And bravo, Zamperini, for fighting through all of it.

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