Is My Patreon Page Just A Cash Grab?


Patreon is a website that gives music lovers a direct way to support artists they love. And it’s been catching on.


Right now, Patreon has 50,000 creators (musicians and other types of artists) and 1 million patrons (art fans who support creators).

So why did I decide to join the masses?

Was it a cash grab? No.

Did I choose to do this on a whim? Nope.

Am I just going with the flow of whatever’s hip nowadays? Heck no.

I started my Patreon page for the people who enjoy my music (maybe you?).

If no one listens to my music, I’d probably be void of excitement to release it to the public. I’d still be making music, I’d just keep it to myself and my computer.

But because people have shown an interest, I want to keep delivering.

And I want to share my music on a regular basis. Releasing an album every one or two years is not frequent enough.

That’s why I joined Patreon.

So now you can support me and my music in exchange for secret stuff on a regular basis. You can hear unreleased music and step into my songwriting process.

Exciting, right?