Musician Happy Performing Other People’s Music

Blue Öyster Cult. Keith Urban. The Bacon Brothers.

Just a few of the names that Scott Erickson could drop at a party, names of people he’s played with or opened for.

I talked with him about this and his upcoming show. Read the article here.

“I used to (doubt myself). I don’t so much anymore because I’m of the belief that if you put doubt into your own mind … you’re on a path of self-sabotage … I do what I do and I try not to think about it not working out.

“I’m not looking to be a celebrity, I’m not looking to be a millionaire.”

Band Mimics Intricacies of DMB

Antz Marching, a Dave Matthews tribute band, is playing at The Brown Hotel tonight, and I wrote a little diddy for the local paper. Read it here.

They have all the aspects to make you think you’re watching the real DMB.

Sharma didn’t start with listening to Dave Matthews, though. He said the reason he started playing guitar was because of Slash, former lead guitarist of the rock band Guns N’ Roses.

He said he began his musical montage with other artists like Led Zeppelin and Rush, and now has added others like Ed Sheeran.

He said he’ll flip on the AM radio now and then to catch a bit of jazz or instrumental music, opening his arms to many different genres.

Antz Marching (via Indiana Gazette)

Antz Marching (via Indiana Gazette)

Limit Club Ready To Shake Brown

I wrote about the crazy rockabilly band, The Limit Club, who are playing at The Brown Hotel tonight. I interviewed the lead singer, Nick Feratu.

“I’d like it to be excited, to see something different and unexpected,” he said. “I think some people have a real played-out view of a rock and roll band … I think pop music has had a way of diluting it over the years.”

He doesn’t want to see bands wearing “sweatpants and flip-flops.” He doesn’t like “a bunch of yelping and ‘my baby’s’ and ‘Cadillacs.’” He expects newness. He doesn’t want to be asking, “Why did I pay fifty bucks to get in here?”

Read the story here.

The Limit Club (via Indiana Gazette)

The Limit Club (via Indiana Gazette)

Surgery Restores Hearing To Songwriter

Songwriter and acoustic rocker, Bill Jasper, lost his hearing due to cholesteatoma and stepped back from the music scene for six years. After getting a reconstructed ear, he’s returned to performing and is playing at The Brown Hotel tonight.

I wrote about this for the Indiana Gazette – read his story here.

“Yeah, music is a big part of my life, but I could tell you right now, for those six years, it was pointless for me to even go out because I couldn’t even understand people.”

Jasper didn’t stop strumming though. He said he would lay his head on the body of his acoustic guitar, feeling the vibrations like Beethoven did. This is how he kept music in his life and how he continued songwriting.


Bill Jasper (photo via

A Band’s Charitableness

I wrote a piece on acoustic-pop band theFIVE6 after interviewing the lead singer, Cathleen Ireland. She said that for each new Twitter follower and Facebook Like they get until July 19, they’re going to donate $2 to Autism Speaks. So please, follow them on Twitter and like them on facebook.

Read the article here.

…Ireland is no stranger to charity. She led her band to give to organizations like the American Cancer Society and Autism Speaks based on how many new Facebook likes theFIVE6’s page earned. Both cancer and autism are familiar to her — she said cancer has affected some of her family members, and she has a high-functioning and autistic 11-year-old son, whom she wrote a song for titled “Square Peg.”

Rockin’ Jake Preview

The Rockin’ Jake Band came to The Brown Hotel last night. I wrote a little piece beforehand to promote the concert.

“Sometimes things suck,” he said. “And when they suck you totally question yourself. Although I don’t regret at all doing what I’m doing.”

Read the full story here.


Rockin’ Jake (via Indiana Gazette)