The “Dis” in Disability

Recently I’ve come across bits on the internet about disabilities and the stigmas around them. This funny (yet sometimes hard to laugh at) video made me think of an article I just read about helping, and how the helper can seem superior to the helped. And how we try to make people with disabilities become more “normal,” or more like “the rest of us.” How we tend to dis them.

Here’s a quote from the article that stuck out to me:

We have gone on to say, “You can be with us but you must first be like us.” In other words, if you can reform and reduce the evidence of your disability, look and behave “normally”, then you can come back into society.

I don’t hear from disabled people enough. And we don’t hear from many public figures that are disabled and can speak for the disabled. That’s why I recommend you visit my brother’s blog to hear directly from someone who went from near death, to wheelchair, to walking and talking.