Music In My Earholes: The Singer-Songwriter Edition

Emily King (photo from Life + Times)
Emily King (photo from Life + Times)

Welcome, welcome. Come in. We’re going to get up close and personal here.

Pretend you’re at a house concert. Now, what music do you imagine hearing?

In this edition of Music In My Earholes, I’m sharing the music I’d hear: singer-songwriter stuff. Take a listen…

Andy Shauf — The Party

This party is a chil party, but very well thought out.

Emily King — Seven

Soulful songwriters are my favorite type of songwriters. King sits comfortably in that category. Oh, yeah, she’s also been nominated for a GRAMMY.

Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

These guys are from my hometown, and they represent us well. And I interviewed them for my podcast, Musicateur.

Aaron Strumpel — Elephants

You might think this album is crazy sounding. But that’s just because of its complex production and Strumpel’s unique way of singing.