My New Stage Name: "The Forgotten Brother"

When I was younger, my older brother jokingly called me "the forgotten brother."

People, he said, would name all the kids in my family...except me.

I was just so quiet that people didn't take much notice of me, but I was fine with that (I still am).

I know that sounds sad, but I think it's hilarious. Hence, why I'm embracing the name. I've started releasing chill beat music under the moniker The Forgotten Brother.

Why I'm using the alias The Forgotten Brother

Why not just release all this music under my name?

Good question. And I have a good answer.

I'm now focusing my attention on making music for film. Songs that could easily fit as a backing track to videos -- YouTube/Vimeo videos, short films, commercial videos, you name it.

And I wanted to make it easy for potential clients to find the music they need (if you're one of them, hi and thanks for reading! You can hear all my music right here).

If they hear my folk/singer-songwriter song "Happy Day" right next to the sentimental beat-heavy tune "Home," they'd probably be confused. Like, "What music does this guy even make?"

So it's all MY music, but just under different names. Think of them like categories.

Why I'm making chill beat music

Uhh...because it's just fun.

And when you listen to enough jinsang, Esbe, and ProleteR, they'll surely seep into your own music. And that's what happened to me.

So I started playing around with drum machines, synth sounds, and sampling stuff. And the result was The Forgotten Brother music.

You can listen to the first TFB track below. Hope you dig.

I'll still be releasing albums

Just to clarify, I'll still be releasing albums of songs I've written. And they'll be under my own name, not TFB.

The songwriting bug has bitten me and I can't NOT write songs. :)

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