Thank God They're Wrong

Caleb J. Murphy

A digital download of the 2011 EP "Thank God They're Wrong." Includes digital booklet.

This compilation of songs is dedicated to Steven Scott Murphy (1960-2009).

To the dad who showed his kids how to endure with unshakable contentment.

Based off of Stephen Altrogge's book, "The Greener Grass Conspiracy."


Written, produced, and engineered by Caleb Murphy in Western Pennsylvania.

Vocals engineered by John Behrens in Pittsburgh, Pa. Mixed/mastered by John Behrens.


Caleb Murphy (vocals, guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, snare) Brian Wolfe (trumpet) Patrick McKinney (upright bass) Joel Petit (drums) Rebekah May (backing vocals) Jalen Campbell (backing vocals, whistling) Jonny Altrogge (backing vocals, whistling)

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  1. 1 Gold is a Killer 03:50 Info
  2. 2 I'm Plenty Fine 03:01 Info
  3. 3 Thank God They're Wrong 05:38 Info
  4. 4 Son of Sin 04:55 Info
  5. 5 The End of Tears 03:23 Info