The definition of eugenics is:

a science that tries to improve the human race by controlling which people become parents

Francis Galton coined the term “eugenics” (photo via Wikipedia)

And this happened in the USA (and still today?). It included sterilization of the “unfit” and people with “undesirable genetic traits.” Like low IQ. And “mental illness.”

Hearing this, my first thought is: that sounds like something Hitler and the Nazis would’ve done back in the day. Yes, except that it’s what the US actually did back in the day.

I often assume that America is the country for other countries to follow. The more I live, the more I understand that no country is perfect, and often no country has clean hands.

More info on this:

  • PBS
  • Wikipedia (keep in mind, it’s Wikipedia – I suggest using the reference links instead of taking the article at face value)



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