Slavery: Not Just A History Lesson

It’s estimated that 27 million people are in bondage in the world today. Today, as in right now. According to A21, every 30 seconds someone becomes a modern-day slave.

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I always thought that slavery was something we abolished over one hundred years ago when President Lincoln was around. Recently, I’ve realized that that’s not completely true. People are still threatened into working terrible jobs. People are sold into sex trafficking. They live in a much more violent world than I do (see here).

This has totally changed the way I view myself as a consumer – now I try to buy used and fair. It’s changed the way I shop – Free2Work has helped. It’s changed the way I view my own world.

Check out these organizations for more info, and please consider giving or getting involved:




2 thoughts on “Slavery: Not Just A History Lesson

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