Caleb J. Murphy was born and raised in a town where you get all four seasons in one day. And in a way, that's what his musical background is like.

He grew up listening to gentle folk, like Jack Johnson and Kings Of Convenience, rock bands like Keane and Electric Soft Parade, and also 90's Christian rap, like DC Talk and John Reuben.

And all of those bands keep shaping his music today.

"I think my music is like if Coldplay and Bill Withers taught Ben Kweller how to make music," Caleb says. "And then 21 Pilots stepped in there and started turning knobs and pushing buttons."

It all started when the internet taught him how to play acoustic guitar. And then fear convinced him he should never, ever sing in front of another human. 

In fact, nobody heard his singing voice (or much of his talking voice … his nickname was “The Forgotten One”) until about age 16 when he played one of his songs for a couple family members. 

Fortunately, they were very nice and lied to him about how good he was. So he kept going. 

At that point, he had already written a slew of songs, secretly writing his first at age 15. And it didn’t stop there — since 2009, he’s released three EPs, a full-length album, and a video album.

Along the way, he's played coffee shops, theaters, houses, and music festivals. Somewhere in there, WYEP featured him on their website, saying “…He’s definitely got talent that’s beyond his years.”

Caleb is currently hard at work recording an album called Everybody Breaks. It's expected to come out Fall 2018.

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